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Learn from the Masters how to get it done

John Wooden, a Basketball Hall of Fame coach, said, "Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."

Henry Ford Sr, founder of Ford Motor Company, when challenged on his lack of detailed how-to knowledge on manufacturing cars, answered that he only had to push a button and have 6 people in his office who knew how to get it done.

Plugging the gaps in your skills or interests with an expert is critical to your success. We do this all the time in our personal lives: we hire landscapers, dry cleaners, caterers, mechanics, housekeepers, tailors, you name it. (Although some of us could take a closer look here too.)

As entrepreneurs, we are often woefully resistant to using experts to help us be more rapidly successful in our business. If you're great at ideas and lousy at details, find someone who is great at details. If you're great at customer service but lousy at writing, hire a copywriter. If you're great at 'doing' but lousy at systems, hire a coach.

Try this:

  • As you go through your work week, keep a pad handy on your desk.
  • Write down everything you do that you (a) hate to do, (b) aren't good at, (c) are wasting your talents by doing.
  • Hire, barter, or JV with someone to get it done, or to bring the missing talent or expertise into your business.

You get the idea.

Put your pride aside, look critically at the big picture for your business, and hire or joint venture with someone who can expertly fill the gaps that are keeping you from achieving the success you desire and deserve.

About the Author

Kerry Cassone

Kerry Cassone spends her days as direct response copywriter and coach, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant helping clients use Infusionsoft productively, small business marketing strategist, author, and website designer for Zacaw Enterprises Inc.