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What is Joomla?

With Guest Sarah Watz, President of Open Source Matters Inc.

We are super excited to announce another video in our collection for you! This one demystifies Joomla!™, the popular global CMS (content management system) for building robust business websites.

In March 2015, Dom co-presented with Sarah Watz, President of Open Source Matters Inc., the nonprofit organization that supports the Joomla! project which is completely run by volunteers. The webinar was originally presented for Infusionsoft Certified Partners but there is plenty of value there for the small business owner or marketing consultant.

Dom and Sarah discuss Joomla!™, what it is, why you would want to use it, and how it integrates with Infusionsoft using our slick app (

At Zacaw, we specialize in Joomla!™ website development, having standardized on the platform several years ago when we did some comparative research and realized Joomla! was perfect for our clients. It's robust, flexible, secure, and the perfect website platform for business.

Check out the video and hear all about Joomla!™, and how to integrate it with Infusionsoft using JoomFuse. Any questions? Give us a shout.