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Choose happiness

Choose happiness

Why does happiness sometimes seem so far away, pointless, and unobtainable? How can we truly be joyful in a world that is so full of instability, uncertainty, hardship, and injustice? What concept of happiness might encompass all of that? What will make us happy?

There are so many questions about happiness, from how to define it to what it takes to experience it. But once we stop seeking the happiness that the world defines, we start to realize that the choice to feel happiness has always been available to us. We should not leave our happiness to fate. It is in our hands; a decision we should make.

How To Choose Happiness Everyday

It is not enough to simply recognize that happiness is a choice. Choosing happiness still requires a conscious decision. It might come easy to some, but more challenging for others. You’ll need to practice and try to choose happiness every time. How?

Meditate. Schedule some alone time to meditate. The capacity to disengage is even more important as our environment becomes faster and noisier.

Surround yourself with the right people. Spend time with people that represent the person you aspire to be. Time spent with the wrong group of friends will drain your happiness.

Embrace daily affirmations. Affirmations can reduce stress, boost self-esteem, and alter perspective. Daily affirmations should be carefully crafted, rooted in truth, and focused on present needs for the maximum effect.

Eat healthy. The state of our physical well-being will always affect our emotional and mental wellness. Taking good care of our physical health can significantly improve our mental state.

Help others when you can. Our sense of happiness increases as our sense of purpose grows. Do your best to increase and sustain this by performing acts of kindness, compassion, and service to others.

It is crucial to start small when pursuing happiness every day. You won’t constantly feel happy and will still experience negative emotions which are necessary for us to appreciate happiness more.