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It’s time to step up on my soapbox and rant a little about a topic that keeps rearing its ugly head lately. Maybe you’ve tripped over it too?

Business etiquette. I know, I know, you’re probably groaning and thinking - Really?? Yes really.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

Do you answer an email or call from a prospect or client or vendor in a timely way? Or put it off and ignore it for whatever reason?

Do they respond to you or do they ignore you?

Ever contact a prospect after a lengthy valuable consultation only to have them vanish into the ether?

What’s your Marketing Plan for Q4?

It's been three years since this article “5 Things to Know Before You Start a Marketing Plan” was published. Content marketing is still such a new creature to most of us that it might be a good idea to expand on some of that information, and look at how you can use it to finish out the calendar year on a roll.

What's in it for your customers? The main benefits for most customers are time and money—are you addressing both of these? Customers appreciate being informed of sales and other specials, but it's just as important to be considerate of their time. Are you delivering your messages in a timely fashion? Are you consistently reminding clients of appointments? Do you have a system in place to let them know their purchase is ready to be picked up? Are your customers able to access your content quickly? Marketing often involves tying up these loose ends.

Learn from the Masters how to get it done

John Wooden, a Basketball Hall of Fame coach, said, "Don't let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."

Henry Ford Sr, founder of Ford Motor Company, when challenged on his lack of detailed how-to knowledge on manufacturing cars, answered that he only had to push a button and have 6 people in his office who knew how to get it done.

Plugging the gaps in your skills or interests with an expert is critical to your success. We do this all the time in our personal lives: we hire landscapers, dry cleaners, caterers, mechanics, housekeepers, tailors, you name it. (Although some of us could take a closer look here too.)