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Eating healthy for the holidays

Eating healthy for the holidays

It's that time of year again - the holiday season! While indulging in delicious holiday food can be enjoyable, it can also be difficult to maintain healthy habits. Although it can be challenging, it is possible to avoid going overboard. The key is to find a balance between enjoying yourself on special occasions and staying on track with your healthy lifestyle goals.

Keeping Healthy During The Holidays

The food that makes it to your plate is more likely to be consumed. Using a smaller plate will make the quantity of food on your plate appear greater and stop you from adding more to your plate than you actually want.

Choose to fill your plate with vegetables, fruits, green salads, and lean meats before anything else. If you come across a calorie-dense side dish that catches your eye, try a small portion first. If you still feel hungry later, you can always go back for more.

After finishing your small plate of nutritious food, wait for 10 minutes. This gives your brain enough time to signal your stomach if it's full. After that, our hunger is often fulfilled.

Overeating nutritious meals is a trap that is simple to fall into. You might believe that since the meal is healthy, you can consume more of it. But pay attention to serving portions. It can be just as harmful to consume unhealthy food as it is to consume too much of something nice.

When at a party, it's best to avoid chatting with other guests near the food. Instead, take a leisurely walk around or engage in fun activities such as playing board games or football in the backyard. By shifting the focus away from food, you can enjoy the company of others without feeling pressured to eat excessively.

Above all, keep in mind that the holiday is all about enjoying and spending time with the people you cherish. It's simpler to pay less attention to the food when you concentrate more on the fun.