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Just got back from the Infusionsoft User Group

in Westborough, Massachusetts

We had a smallish group today but full of great ideas, sharing, and masterminding. We thoroughly dissected upsells - the whys, the hows, the whens. Dom spent some time teaching the group about how to do one-click upsells without hiring a developer - pretty cool.

From upsells and our discussion about customer relationships and customer experience, we naturally segued to discussing nurture campaigns. You know, those email or multi-media campaigns you use to foster and maintain a solid relationship with your prospects and clients. Hopefully you are segmenting your list so that each significant group gets their own campaign.

Nurture campaigns done right are really effective. Do them wrong and your unsubscribe rate and even spam-reporting rate will go up. It's critical to know your market and what they want and need from you, then give it to them always focusing on value, value, value.

This was our last monthly meeting before Infusioncon (are you going? Tell us and we'll meet you there!) and everyone in the Group is looking forward to April's meeting when we'll bring all the news about Infusioncon and Infusionsoft's Spring Release. Hope to see you at our next Infusionsoft User Group meeting in April!

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Kerry Cassone

Kerry Cassone spends her days as direct response copywriter and coach, Infusionsoft Certified Consultant helping clients use Infusionsoft productively, small business marketing strategist, author, and website designer for Zacaw Enterprises Inc.